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"Graphically, Payback is shaping up to be something of a first. The scale and sense of "3D-ness" is pretty amazing considering the technical limitations presented by the GBA hardware. Travis can cruise around under bridges, over flyovers, and other cityscape environments, and all the while the visuals make you feel as though you are truly in a 3D world."

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13 March 2009

/ Payback iPhone Videos

13 January 2009

/ New Payback iPhone Screenshots
[Screenshot]Back to the phones.
[Screenshot]Big bang.
[Screenshot]Cruising for a bruising.
[Screenshot]Prison break, season two.

29 December 2008

/ Payback iPhone Screenshots
[Screenshot]A limo on a mission.
[Screenshot]Taxi driver.
[Screenshot]Evade the cops.
[Screenshot]Amazing lighting.
[Screenshot]Underground tunnel.
[Screenshot]Prison break.
[Screenshot]Exploring the guardhouse.
[Screenshot]Load/save at any point.

29 October 2006

/ New Payback GP2X Screenshots/Videos


[Screenshot]Racing through the streets.
[Screenshot]Eye in the sky.
[Screenshot]Explosive shockwave.
[Screenshot]Spitting death.


[Video grab]Streamed Payback GP2X preview video.

19 November 2004

/ New Payback GBA Video
[Video grab]Payback preview footage and review quotes.
(5.7MB DivX)

5 October 2004

/ New Payback GBA Media


[Screenshot]Total carnage.
[Screenshot]Weaving through a storage yard.
[Screenshot]Powersliding around a corner.
[Screenshot]I don't think the driver survived that one.


[Video grab]Payback preview footage and features.
(5.2MB DivX)

17 October 2003

/ Latest Payback GBA Screenshots
[Screenshot]Hiding under a bridge.
[Screenshot]This is what happens if you're inside the blast radius of an explosion.
[Screenshot]Stuck on an island in a damaged tank.
[Screenshot]There are some seriously big explosions in this game.

16 July 2003

/ New Payback GBA Screenshots
[Screenshot]Fireballs from an exploding vehicle.
[Screenshot]An exploding vehicle frozen in Matrix style bullet time.
[Screenshot]Causing carnage in a tank.
[Screenshot]The bloom effect on the title screen.

28 May 2003

/ Latest GBA Screenshots
[Screenshot]A shockwave from an exploding car.
[Screenshot]Another vehicle explodes.
[Screenshot]The game supports lots of transparency effects.
[Screenshot]You get different levels of traction on different surfaces. Your tyres even throw up mud if you slide across it.

19 April 2003

/ New GBA Screenshots
[Screenshot]The game's intro being decoded in real-time on the GBA.
[Screenshot]The Tank Warfare map.
[Screenshot]What's in the barn?
[Screenshot]The start of a new level.