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Payback (iOS)

Frequently Asked Questions

The game does not install

The installation process is handled by Apple, so your best bet is usually to contact them in these situations - their forums are often quite helpful.

However, these issues can usually be solved by deleting and redownloading the app. Also make sure you have enough space available on both your device and your computer and try to download/install via your PC/Mac rather than straight to your device if possible.

Please also bear in mind that the final "installing" step may take a while and your device may become less responsive for a few minutes at this stage - this is normal.

The game exits as soon as I run it

Reboot your device - if that fails, try reinstalling and/or redownloading. Please also make sure you have the latest version of the game.

iTunes crashed while copying the game and now it doesn't appear on either my iPhone/iPod Touch or my computer - help!

Just "buy" the app again, making sure you use the same account as you did the first time - you won't be billed twice.

I've completed story mode but some of the cities are still locked in challenge and rampage mode - why?

You need to beat the "gold" target times on all the chapters in story mode to unlock the remaining cities.

What does "interference" mean in the options menu?

This controls whether you get an interference effect on the music when you're underneath a building or some other large structure.

What does "linearity" mean in the control options menu?

This is used to adjust the response curve of the steering. Setting it low will make the steering less sensitive in the centre, setting it high will have the opposite effect.

If your question is not answered above then please contact us.