Payback 2.97 Released

A new version of Payback 2 is out now. This update significantly improves vehicle damage effects and performance. The full list of changes is here.

12 April 2017 / Read more..

New Payback 2 Update

Payback 2 has been updated to version 2.96. This update significantly improves the bullet impact effects, adds particle shadows and includes a much better autoturret model. The full list of changes is here.

21 March 2017 / Read more..

Payback 2 Updated

Version 2.95 of Payback 2 has just been released! This update has improved weapon pickup models, more generous unlocking, various HUD tweaks and lots of other bug fixes and improvements. You can read the full changelog here.

3 March 2017 / Read more..

Payback 2.94 Out Now

We've just released a new version of Payback 2. This update adds first person mode as well as lots of other tweaks and bug fixes. You can see a more detailed list of the changes here.

1 February 2017 / Read more..

"New Physics" Trailer

The latest version of Payback 2 dramatically improves the game's physics, so we've put together a new trailer showing them off here.

15 December 2016 / Watch trailer..

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